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Bing Feng QBZ-97 7-8mm Electric Gel Ball Blaster.

- Gel ball blaster in Type 97 outlook.
- New version of the Gel ball blaster which use magazine for loading the Gel ball but not other accessories / container.
- Powered by a small size 6.6 LiFe / 7.4 Lipo battery (62 x 20 x 10mm) with a special connector. A mini plug adapter will included for using battery in mini plug.
- The cocking handle will function after loading the magazine and connect with the battery. User MUST cock the cocking handle and hold behind for at least 15 - 20 second for loading the Gel ball from the magazine.
- The PMAG look magazine can hold 250 round Gel ball.
- A bottle of Gel ball will include in the kit.

Tips:- The Gel ball needs water for expansion. User needs 250ml of water for expanding around 300 rounds of jel ball. The Gel ball will expand to around 7 - 8mm afterwards.
- The expanding time for the Gel ball will be 10 - 12 hours. Please keep a little water left or keep the container a stuiable humindity so the Gel ball can keep longer as normally the Gel ball can only keep 6 - 7 hours without water.

Bing Feng QBZ-97 Tactical 7-8mm Electric Gel Ball Blaster.

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