Double Barrel Gas Shotgun Short with 10 Dytac shell (PUBG Sawed off)

-3D Printed Kit Converting To Use PPS/Madbull/Dytac) Shotgun Shells
-Not Complied To APS Shotgun Shells
-Original Hawsan Hand Guard and Hand Grip ( Real Wood )
-Come with 10 x Dytac shell
-Metal Barrel & Receiver
-Length 465mm
-Weight 1670gram
-Each ShotShell Can Load 6rds 6mm BB Bullets
-Power : 340-380fps (0.2g & Top Gas) (Load 1 BB for Test)
-Power Source : Green Gas , Top Gas , Co2 & 134A Gas

Double Barrel Gas Shotgun with 10 Dytac shell SP set (PUBG Sawed off)


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