Golden Eagle Full Metal M870 Gas 3/6 Shot Pump Action Shotgun (BK)


-Gas powered pump action shotgun based on the Tokyo Marui Gas power shotgun system.

-Comes with removable gas tank as power source, can exchange with a new gas tank before out of gas.

-Support 134a gas and Green gas.

-Selective 3 shot / 6 shot fire system.

-Comes with a metal extended magazine tube and outer barrel spacer with sling mount.

-Metal receiver, outer barrel and top rail.

-Polymer handguard and fixed stock.

-Comes with 3 pcs of shell type magazine.

-3D print Extension Choke will not be included

-Each shell magazine can hold 30 round BB pullets (Compatible with Tokyo Marui Gas / Air cocking shotgun series).

Golden Eagle 8872 M870 Gas 3/6 Shot Pump Action Shotgun (BK)