Metal Flash Hider which only attach the special sliencer for M11 only.
KSC logo hidden under the flash hider.
Plastic body frame with full M11 marking.
Simple fixed front and rear sight.
Install with KSC System 7 GBB System.
Adjustable hopup system.
Plastic bolt carrier.
Metal Rear Stock.
Realiestic break down same as real steel M11A1 SMG.
Ready to go for 330 FPS (Green gas) and rof 1200 rds/minute without modification.
Included Hopup Adjustment Key.
Included 50 rounds System 7 Magazine.
Compatible with KSC M11A1 Silencer.
Not Compatible with KSC / Well M11A1 Old sytem parts and magazine.

KSC M11A1 SMG GBB System 7 Version (Black)