Comes with 4 Backstraps (short M/L, long M/L)

real size G17 so it can fit holster just like Fobus/BKH/Safariland


● Cylinder : The wide size 15mm cylinder allows a powerful blowback recoil and stable shooting.

● More Realism : The Tokyo Marui G17 size has been measured on the real firearm for better realism and detail. The extractor, which is usually molded into the slide, is now a metal piece attached to the slide (it is a dummy part and will not show if a BB is chambered)

  • ● 4th Generation Frame : The most popular frame has been chosen for this G17 TM version. It features a one slot rail allowing the installation of a flashlight. The grip has finger channels for a better gripping. $ backstraps are included on order to fit the shooter's hand better.

    ● Lanyard Ring : The bottom of the grip features a hole for the setting of a lanyard which will prevent the user from dropping the gun or losing it.

    ● Cocking Indicator : The trigger will stay locked when dry firing. Arming the slide will make the trigger go forward showing the gun is now armed, just like the real firearm.

    ● Diecast Magazine : The 25 rounds spare magazine is made out of diecast metal for better resistance to cold weather and better gas efficiency. The standard G17 magazine has been updated, it is now ambidextrous.

Tokyo Marui G17 4rd Gen GBB Pistol

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