***Different type of adaptor for AK, MP5, SG series are not included in the photo***


Comes with AR/M4/M16 series adaptor

Double release button for rapid loading

Press the front nubs to open the front cover

Capacity of 2000+ rounds

Open the front cover to replace battery

massive reloads of BB's easy and quick No worries about battery replacement

Powered by the common 9V alkaline or carbon zinc battery

Efficient design for maximum ammunition capacity

There is even more room to fill up with BBs in the magazine adapter

Smart viewing window for monitoring amunition

Design that allows rapid monitoring of BB's to ensure continuius fire power

Convenient double BB loading interrupter

On the back of the durm mag there are two loading interrupters,

a button and a connector socket for a wired pressure switch,

The double interrupter design ensures a personalized use for all kinds of players.

ICS MC239 Electric M4 Drum Magazine Black