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WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to any countries which allow airsoft !

Policies For All Trades (Except USA)

 Octagon Airsoft Website which are as follow:

1) We offer a product refund for any parcel returned to us by your local customs. Refund does not include any packaging or shipping fees.

2) In the event the buyer inputs incorrect shipping information  (Address, Contacts, ect.) and it is sent to the wrong place,

     we offer two solutions in the event the package is returned to us.  The first option is a product refund excluding packaging and shipping fees.

     The second option is that we will resend the order for 50% of the shipping charge.
                                     Policies For All USA Trades

1) For any customers who choose to ship by UPS services, we will offer a 100% FULL REFUND, including the shipping fee. If there is a failure to send occurred

2.1) When Customers wish to resend products or orders, we ship the parcel via UPS, and the customer will pay 50% of those repayments of UPS shipping charges


2.2) If the customer chooses to ask for a refund after the failure to send, we will only return the value of the products without the refund of the shipment fee.

한국 고객 환영
우리는 한국 맞춤법을 통과시키기 위해 맞춤 작품을 만드는 능력을 가지고 있다! 
한국 고객을 위한 당사의 정책 특별판을 읽어보십시오
<왼쪽 위의 선택에 있는 일본고객에 대한 주의사항을 읽어주세요!>






​USA Customers (Special to California ​& New York Citizens)
We send airsoft parts and guns with full set of documents with orange tip to USA, however for part outlook like "gun" and airsoft guns, we only accept UPS as a unique shipping way to USA as only the custom working with UPS know how to distinguish airsoft guns from Real Arms. 

Canadian Customers 

We can suggest full set of documents with power up custom works whatever it is toy rifles or toy pistols in order to pass through your county custom.

Poland Customers
We can separate invoice into shipping invoice and actual invoice in accordance with your country requests.