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Shipping and Handling


For countries, such as Australia, Mainland China, Singapore and Denmark, we can only ship combat gears and accessories, but not airsoft gun. If your country is not shown above, please feel free to purchase!!!



Generally, it'll take about 5-6 working days to get your parcel; For customized products, such as modification and laser marking, 5-12 working days are needed. (Attention: the shipping time is excluded of customs clearing!!!)



  1. Hong Kong: SF Express

  2. For parcel below 2 kg: EC ship

  3. For parcel above 2 kg: EMS (for most countries)

  4. USA, Canada and Italy: UPS ( for guns)

  5. Other countries: Post office 


Responsibility Of Buyer

Check the legality of importation of your own country first! We will not accept any responsibility whatsoever if the goods are seized by Customs officials or airport authorities in ours or any other country. If goods are seized, destroyed, damaged through inspection or confiscated, we will offer no form of refund or credit. If the goods are returned to us by the seizing authority, we will solve in an appropriate way.

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