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  • Enhanced ABS & Precise Magnetic Sensor - Improved Piston Position
  • Withstand Higher Firing Current Up To Around 30A
  • Withstand Rapid Semi Firing
  • Maintenance Free from Dust or Grease.
  • Light & Fast Trigger Response
  • Adjustable Trigger stroke Distance 
  • Low Power Motor Initiation 
  • Precise magnetic sensors control piston position
  • Reduces stress on the spring
  • Requires less battery power to initiate motor
  • Onboard ABS enhance pistol
  • Able to withstand rapid semi fire
  • Long trigger life time
  • Easy to adjust trigger stroke
  • Super light trigger
  • Faster trigger response

ARES Electronic Circuit Unit for ARES M4 Series (Mid-Rear Wire) EFCS-003

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