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-Gas pump action shotgun
-Shell ejection system
-Aluminum alloy receiver
-Comes with fixed wood stock
-Long length barrel and standard length magazine tube
-Total can hold 7 shells (6 in magazine tube + 1 in chamber)
-Come with 2 shotgun shells


Professional Precise Serious (PPS), a Hong Kong based manufacturer, which launched a new M870 police magnum airsoft shotgun and the design is based on Tanaka M870. Full Metal body, Magazine Extension tube, RIS top rail & Stock Pipe, fore-end and Extendable stock made by reinforced plastic material. 

PPS M870 weight is 2.4kg, which is slightly lighter than the real steel 3.2kg, and keep the same barrel length as real steel. The marking is slightly difference, used "Model" instead of "Remington" ,but still exist with "870 Police Magnum" marking. Body surface treated by Gun Blue. 

PPS 870 internal parts are mainly made by zinc alloy, and the action bar is made of steel for the durability enhancement. Using gas charge shell to make it same as the real steel structure. There are 2 shell types for PPS870. The Plastic Shells are come with the package. Each cartridge can load 3 x 6mm BBs and able to fill with 134a and Topgas. PPS 870 19 of 13Every charge can maintain 6-9 shots. The Metal Shell can load six 6mm BBs, single shot per charge. However, the output is relatively higher and sound louder than the plastic one. Also it is capable to charge Co2 gas (subject to purchase Co2 converter). Aim to enhance the output power and effective distance. 

Increase the inner barrel length can also enhance the accuracy and effective distance. 

PPS M870 Terminator 2 Extended Magazine Tube Version Pump Action Gas Shotgun

$550.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price