• Size: 120 x 30 x 120 (MM)
  • Weight: 135G
  • Package: Neck Cooler, Parts X 2pcs, Manual 
  • Power Source: USB Power (No Battery Inside)
  • Cable Type: USB Cable
  • Function: Estimated10~15 Lower Comparing With Room Temperature 
  • Function Timing: (5000mAh: 5hours), (10,000mAh: 10hours), (20000mAh: 20hours)

**Depend on your power bank and your real time environment**



  • Difference environment will create certain difference result 
  • Plesae dont use too cool and may be huarmful to your body
  • Long time cooling may create heart at the end from the core of machine, please concerns the termperature variation when using.
  • Our recommand using not more than 2 hours
  • Please dont let it under the shock 
  • Please take off the USB cable when you are not using, not time connection may create the heat  inside from the machine
  • Please dont disasemble it by yourself

Thanco Neck Retractable Cooler Mini (BK) Premium